Makhadzi got Mzansi angry

Makhadzi got Mzansi angry

Makhadzi got Mzansi angry

Makhadzi may be the most loved singer and dancer currently but she might just find herself on the bad side of some of her fans. Ahead of her One Woman Show to take place next month, she and her recording label has announced the host of the show and people are breathing fire down her neck already.

She is clearly at her peak right now and has earned her spot at the top in the industry and truthfully it is all well deserved. However, her recent decision to have a host who has been been making headlines for all the wrong reasons, including abuse and being labelled a convicted sexual offender might just become present some problems.

A poster with Reality TV star and media personality Somizi Mhlongo as Makhadzi’s One Woman Show host has been making rounds on social media and fans are angry at this. Truth be told, Somizi Mhlongo is not the most liked person in South Africa right now. And for Makhadzi to have him as a host could only mean a number of things but nothing good.

“Ofcause we can’t have a show without a host , I am happy to announce my first host Somizi . Kharivhoonee! Vhare tsini na spar khavhagidime vhayo renga makhuvha stadium 01 October . RIKHOYO KWAMA!” wrote Makhadzi.

This outrage and anger from fans comes after the airing of Mohale On The Record sit down with Aldrian Sampear, where Mohale Motaung detailed the abuse he endured and suffered from his ex-husband Somizi Mhlongo. Mhlongo has received a lot of backlash since then and fans has made it known that Somizi Mhlongo is not good person, amongst other degrading names he has been called.

Some fans have pledged to completely boycott Makhadzi’s One Woman Show which will be held at her hometown in Limpopo on October 01, 2022.

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