‘Magosha, exercise’: Anele Mdoda body shamed

‘Magosha, exercise’: Anele Mdoda body shamed

‘Magosha, exercise’: Anele Mdoda body shamed

Radio and TV presenter, Anele Mdoda saw herself trending after she seemingly picked a side in Moshe Ndiki and Musa Khawula drama. Her tweet prompted a diss from Musa who body shamed her.

Anele tweeted, “Heh wethu I need @netflorist send Moshe the whole florist.”

Now, her tweet did not exactly sit well with Musa Khawula who thought she was siding with Moshe Ndiki. But it could be that Anele was tweeting in reference to Moshe’s new pet Sweetness Sulezinyembezi Ndiki.

Moshe Ndiki alleged that Musa Khawula pointed him with a knife at a parking lot at the venue they were both at. Musa however denied this claim and so he went on a rant on Twitter spaces and called Moshe put on his apparent lie.

Musa then tweeted that what Moshe said does not add up, “The numbers are not numbering. Moshe alleges I pointed a knife at him at the parking lot and that justifies his attack. CCTV footage reveals he arrived 30 mins later when I was already inside the establishment. Moshe comes online to celebrate his satisfaction.”

Musa then alleges that Moshe called three of his friends to help with the attack.

He was at White Lounge, Sunninghill where the brawl took place. In a Twitter space, Musa said, “No, bring that sht to me and then we can fight. My friend, he needs to go and get initiated shame. Anyway, I got some sht to do like opening some cases against some people.

“I just want a location and I want it right now, I won’t be scared of him even if it’s next week. Even if it’s today, or 5 AM I’m going to wake up and I’m going to fight that b*tch. Carry on with your clout but know that I’m not scared of you. The only time you going to attack me again is when you hit me when I am not expecting it.”

Moshe joined the same space and said he will beat both him and his mother.

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