Madam And Mercy’s Show Left Viewers Bursting Into Tears

Madam And Mercy's Show Left Viewers Bursting Into Tears

Mzansi Magic viewers of the new hit reality show Madam and Mercy were left bursting into tears, after last nights episode. The tight-knit mother and daughter duo, recently debuted their new show on 1 Magic, which also plays on Mzansi Magic. The pair became household names on The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg.

The new show is centred around their opulence, family, businesses and glitz and glam. Avid viewers of the show are set to witness the intense drama, happiness and even tears during this season

Yesterday’s night episode was very emotional as Madam’s friend Jacqui Mote, opened up about her infertility. Jacqui left the viewers reaching for tissues when she said, she can do anything to have a baby.

Viewers of the show have been enjoying all the glitz and glam they have been exposed to and, they have been hyping praises on the show. Although some have been mocking Madam’s English, however, some have defended her and said she owes no one good English, at least she is monied.

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