MacG takes a dig at Mohale

MacG takes a dig at Mohale

MacG takes a dig at Mohale

Podcaster MacG has taken a swipe at Mohale Motaung’s career and he probably left a bitter taste in his mouth. During one of Podcast and Chill with MacG’s episodes, the podcaster poked fun at Mohale, saying he thinks he is the person he believes he is, but he’s not.

“I think Mohale thinks that he is the guy that he is not,” he said. When Sol Phenduka asked him to shed more light. MacG threw the biggest shade at Mohale saying he thinks he is a superstar, but he is not.

“He thinks he is a superstar, he is a celebrity and he’s not. He’s literally the guy that dated Somizi, that’s what we know him for.” Sol Phenduka went on to say that Mohale’s legacy was marrying Somizi.

He asserted that Somizi is talented and has a lot of career moves to his credit but Mohale doesn’t. He said Somizi has hosted a number of awards shows, and he was on Sarafina, but we didn’t know Mohale prior to their relationship.

Recently, Somizi and Mohale made headlines once again after Sunday World revealed Mohale pleaded with his estranged spouse Somizi Mhlongo to mediate the divorce settlement process. Mohale’s plea was rejected by Somizi, and the matter will go to court.

Mohale did not want Somizi to air their laundry in public but Somizi is adamant he wants the matter to be heard in court. “Motaung had previously said that he did not want anything from their joint estate, except the clothes that he left in their matrimonial house in Fourways and a car that Mhlongo allegedly damaged in one of their violent domestic tiffs. On the other hand, Mhlongo wants division of their joint estate,” a source told the publication.

In a recording that was leaked last year Mohale made some startling allegations about Somizi. He alleged that he was abusive both physically and emotionally.

In the clip, Mohale can heard saying Somizi was controlling, “It was mainly about work, the friends that I made which he didn’t like,” he said, which the interviewer asked him if he was referring to The Fergusons, and he answered, “they are part of the list yes,” he said. “There are certain people he wouldn’t want me to converse with, maybe if we are at the club. Or maybe people he has a history with or people he does not like.”

On the alleged fight, he said, “I took my keys and walked out, he took a knife. I was about to exit, so he said to me, ‘if you exit… I’m going to kill us both.’ So I took my keys and ran. He grabbed the knife and said ‘if you walk out, I’m going to stab you.’ Now I see a different person. I was sh*t scared and walked back into the house. He said ‘let’s talk.’ He cried and we moved on,” he said.

Somizi denied the claims and said they are tarnishing his reputation, “Never in my wildest dreams did I think that one day I would have to defend my honor as a result of someone I have loved so deeply and so genuinely deliberately harming a reputation I’ve worked so hard to build. For the most parts of my life, I’ve kept my relationships out of the public eye until my one and only marriage which you witnessed on television and other social media.

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