Loyiso Bala’s family battling Covid-19

Loyiso Bala’s family battling Covid-19

Loyiso Bala’s family battling Covid-19

While the vaccination of South Africans continues, many are coming out to share their Covid-19 journeys.

Loyiso Bala’s wife and lifestyle influencer Jennifer Bala took to social media to reveal she and her family members contracted the coronavirus. Many celebrities took to her post to wish her a speedy recovery.battling

“As it turns out we all ended up contracting Covid-19 with varying symptoms and it’s been quite a hectic week,” she wrote.

In early July, Leanne Dlamini also revealed she and her family members had contracted Covid-19 but later shared they had recovered.

“We are all officially out of isolation and recovering well. Sipho definitely took the hardest knock, being asthmatic, but he is doing extremely well. This could’ve gone either way. It is only by His Grace that we can stand and say we made it,” she said.

“Surviving Covid-19 is no small feat. This is not just ‘like a cold or the flu’. If you have had it you fully understand the severity of it. Say a prayer for all those fighting this evil virus, say a prayer for the families mourning their loved ones today. Say a prayer for those taking care of their sick loved ones. The burden is as heavy for the care givers as it is for the sick.”

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