Loyiso Bala shares video of unborn baby – Watch

Loyiso Bala shares video of unborn baby – Watch

Loyiso Bala shares video of unborn baby – Watch

Loyiso Bala’s wife, Jennifer Bala has shared a video clip of her unborn baby.

The couple is expecting a baby girl.

According to the video clip of the pregnancy scan, Jennifer is now 21 weeks pregnant.

“A beautiful reminder of truly what a miracle growing a tiny human really is. We love you baby,” she captioned the clip.

In this video the foetus can be seen moving in her tummy.

Currently, Loyiso (41) and Jennifer (43) have two children – Kenzie (7) and Tori (2).

The Balas have every reason to celebrate this pregnancy after Jennifer had a miscarriage in 2019.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Sun’s sister magazine You, she mentioned her age coupled with other health problems made things harder for them.
At some point she even went for fertility medication. But with this pregnancy everything just happened naturally.

For that reason she described her unborn child as a miracle baby.

The pregnancy news was announced in January by Loyiso on his Facebook page.

At that time he wrote: “Thank you for letting me experience life with you. Thank you for giving over your body so that we can embark on yet another life-changing journey together. Thank you for helping me to become a dad once again. Soon we’ll be 5, a number that symbolises God’s grace, kindness and favour to humankind. You are an embodiment of all these characteristics. Now let’s get ready. The real fun is about to begin.”

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The couple has been keeping the public updated throughout their pregnancy.

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