Loyiso Bala Gets a New Gig With SABC

Loyiso Bala Gets a New Gig With SABC

Loyiso Bala Gets a New Gig With SABC

Award-winning Musician and Television Broadcaster Loyiso Bala has joined the South African Broadcasting Cooperation (SABC) as the Business Manager for the Eastern Cape public broadcaster radio stations.

Announcing the appointment on Twitter, SABC said, “SABC welcomes Mr Loyiso Bala, who is joining the Public Broadcaster as a Business Manager for the Eastern Cape Combo: responsible for overseeing Umhlobo Wenene FM and tru FM. Mr Bala is also a seasoned director in the broadcasting and entertainment sector.”

Many know Loyiso as a musician and his appointment make not make sense to some people but he is not new to the broadcasting world. In 2019, Loyiso was promoted as Channel Director of TBN in Africa after joining the faith & family television network back in 2016 as a host of TBN Meets With Loyiso Bala.

He however bid TBN farewell in April this year, on his Instagram, he said, “It’s been a pleasure working at TBN Africa and with great people, in particular Karin Van Niekerk who became the backbone for these achievements, Byron Heath who is the most talented Creative Director that I’ve ever worked with, and Darius Koekemoer who was very instrumental in inducting me to the workings of the broadcasting industry. ”

Loyiso’s family and friends congratulated him on Instagram with his little brother, Phelo Bala saying, “Always proud of you, big brother! You’re such an inspiration”

Tweeps were equally happy for Loyiso,

@bonginkos_dindo said, “All the best for him. Hope he makes some impact. I still don’t understand why Umhlobo Wenene would employ Putco as a sports presenter again and again. He is a legend, but there are new ladies and gentlemen out there who can do the job. Putco’s time long past. New blood please”.

These were some of their reactions:

Loyiso’s wife Jennifer Bala is pregnant with baby number 3 and daddy cannot wait to meet the little one.

Jennifer is celebrating her birthday today and to commemorate her day, she just released her maternity pictures on Instagram and we are gushing.

She penned this sweet message alongside her beautiful maternity pictures:

“Thank you, Lord, for seeing me through another 𝒆𝒙𝒂𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 year around the sun.

It has probably been one of the most challenging years in the last 7, though it’s simultaneously been one filled with love, hope and gratitude.

Of course, I did not wake up like this! My skin hasn’t been this smooth since my early 20s, I haven’t had enough sleep in years and need lots of makeup to make me look ‘fresh’ these days and I certainly don’t own such magnificent gowns either!

It took a genuine collaboration with an amazing group of people, who I now count as friends, to make this happen.”

Jennifer said she was not planning on having a maternity shoot nut God made a plan. Expressing this she said, “With all the challenges that Covid has brought on, I wasn’t even going to have a pregnancy shoot and I felt bad about it because I had one for each of my previous pregnancies and didn’t want Baby #3 to feel left out when she gets older. Priorities are priorities, right? Of course, these are what I call #firstworldproblems

Have an amazing day mommy. We cannot wait to see baby number three.

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