Loyiso Bala and Wife go homeless, Pearl Thusi lands a helping hand

Loyiso Bala and Wife go homeless, Pearl Thusi lands a helping hand

Loyiso Bala and Wife go homeless, Pearl Thusi lands a helping hand

Pearl Thusi does seem to have a heart of Gold after all! The talented actress, TV presenter and musician extended a helping hand to expectant family The Bala’s during a time of need.

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit many people’s livelihoods very hard and affected their income even harder. This was the same for the Bala family but they had an angel at their disposal.

Speaking to News24, Jennifer Bala, wife to popular music sensation Loyiso Bala, opened up about how they were left homeless for four months because of the pandemic. Jennifer was growing her career as her hubby’s manager but because they worked in the entertainment industry, all that came to an abrupt halt as the virus continued to affect people all over the country. She told the publication that they had lost a lot of money, that they could not even keep a roof over their heads.

She said before the pandemic they were looking into renting a new house however because they had no income, they lost out on it. They had tried to make arrangements with the landlord but that failed. After losing all hope, Pearl Thusi came to the rescue and offered a place to stay for the family of four – but soon to be five.

Pearl switched houses and moved to her new Johannesburg home, leaving her house in Morningside empty. That’s when the Bala’s released a huge sigh of relief because Pearl offered them a place to stay until they got back on their feet. “Pearl and I are really good friends. We stayed there for four months. We were blessed to be in that situation,” she told the publication. “Blessed that Pearl is such a good friend.

After they grappled to find a bit of cash, they managed to find a new home convenient for them as their children’s schools are closer.

Another reason why they are overjoyed is that they will soon become a family of five. Taking to Instagram, she detailed how she struggled to deal with the miscarriage she suffered last year at eight weeks.

“Our miracle baby – the fact that God blessed us with new life in the midst of devastation where people around us are losing loved ones by the dozen, is not lost on me; I’m extremely grateful.

“Falling pregnant has never been easy for me, but that’s a story for another day. I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, a vitamin D3 deficiency, internal inflammation, also around my heart, extreme hormone imbalances and high cortisol levels, just weeks before I fell pregnant naturally, so it’s an absolute miracle! Moreso at my ripe young age,” she wrote.

Loyiso Bala and Wife go homeless, Pearl Thusi lands a helping hand

She then continued by saying she had to change her medication to natural herbs and change her lifestyle, “I had embarked on a journey to balance all of those things out using natural based meds, lifestyle changes and celery juicing and voila! Before I knew it, we received our blessing amidst considerable instability and financial uncertainty during the pandemic.

“This little person is due exactly a week after the little one we lost in Dec 2019, who was due a day after my birthday. This one is due a week after my birthday and given previous complications, I will have to have a c-section, which means a week before and that is the EXACT date the other baby was due. If that’s not God’s plan of restoration, then I don’t know. There is a lot more to this story, but will leave that also for another day.

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