Love potion lands Gogo Maweni in hot soup

Love potion lands Gogo Maweni in hot soup

Love potion lands Gogo Maweni in hot soup

REALITY TV star Gogo Maweni has come under fire after advertising her love potion online.

However, she said the muthi, called isidliso sangaphansi, was not meant for everyone.

Speaking told Daily Sun, she said it was for married people and those in serious relationships. She said she was aware of negative comments on social media, but she didn’t care because the very same people secretly messaged her to enquire about the muthi.

She shared a photo of the muthi and instructed women to apply it to their vagina wall, and it would hook a man. She said it melted immediately when applied and recommended that women only used it three times.

“One of the reasons I said this is only for people in serious relationships is that you can’t use a condom when you’re using it,” said Gogo Maweni, whose real name is Lee-Ann Makopo.

She said before applying the muthi, you also needed to be cleansed.

“Isidliso is R450 and the cleansing muthi is R350, so the whole combo is R800,” she said.

Gogo Maweni said the negative reaction shocked her because the isidliso has been used for years. A number of men on Facebook accused her of promoting bad behaviour, saying it was wrong to use muthi to hook a man.

Gostro Mangena said: “I know these things exist but my problem is she’s posting about it as if it’s a good thing. What if I’m married and I end up being hooked on my nyatsi?”

However, women said isidliso and korobela wouldn’t exist if all men were faithful.

Ziyanda Mbele said: “Most women do this because men seem to get tired of one woman after a while. They then start cheating.”

Dr Oscar Ngcuka of the Vuka Mngoma Traditional Healers Association said he was concerned about practitioners who didn’t know how to properly use social media. “We need to educate the public and not advertise such sensitive things,” he said.

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