Lootlove to lose her BMW

Lootlove to lose her BMW

Lootlove to lose her BMW

One of South Africa’s major banks is not showing any love to Lootlove. Nedbank is after the former Metro FM presenter’s beamer.

Lootlove, whose real name is Luthando Shosha, has not been making her monthly loan repayments and now the bank wants to repossess her car.

According to the papers, she took out a loan in 2016 for a 2012 BMW 320i. She owed the bank about R369 000 and had to make monthly instalments of R5 133.

“The defendant breached the agreement by failing to make due and punctual payment of all monthly instalments and was in arrears as of 7 January 2021 to an amount of R114 313,57,” read the papers.

Letters were reportedly sent to Lootlove but she did not respond.

“Despite due notice, the defendant has failed to remedy her breach and the agreement is accordingly cancelled herewith. The defendant has filed to surrender the motor vehicle to the Plaintiff,” read the papers.

The court papers also stated that the bank was entitled to claim the immediate payment of the loan amount with interest.

When contacted for comment Lootlove said: “The matter in question has eventually come to my attention and pertains to a vehicle that was written off by a third party a while ago.

Initial communication with the bank did not materialise as envisaged, leading to some correspondence falling through the cracks. This has since been established and rectified.

My legal team is in contact with the bank to bring the matter to a speedy and amicable resolution.”

Meanwhile, Nedbank’s lawyers didn’t respond.

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