Londie London speaks on her second pregnancy

Londie London speaks on her second pregnancy

Londie London speaks on her second pregnancy

South African musician, Londie London recently opened up about her second pregnancy during an interview. The star was the cover story for Batswadi Magazine where she revealed some of the things she is going through.

In her words, the pregnancy is not easy for her and her belly is heavier this time.

However, Londie is yet to know the gender of her baby due to her heavy belly and wonders what it is.

“I don’t think any pregnancy is easy. My first and this one have both had their challenges and different ones at that. Overall both were smooth in terms of health but I do however feel with this one that my belly is heavier. I don’t know what that means on a superstitious level, whether it means I’m having a girl or boy,” she said in an interview with Batswadi Magazine.

“I’m hoping for a girl though. I’m more free with this pregnancy, I feel a new personality of yourself is revealed with each pregnancy. I’m more excited and energetic this time around. With my first pregnancy, I was lazy and didn’t do much. I’m eating a whole lot too with this one. Whatever baby wants, baby gets. I’ll see after I give birth on how hard I’ll have to work at the gym,” she continued.

Londie also shared the lessons she learnt from her first child.

“The lessons I’ve learnt from my first child and those I’m carrying into this child now are first acknowledging that life is beyond it just being about me now. I have this drive of wanting to better myself, not for me but for them. That’s not just with pregnancy but with motherhood as a whole. I now feel like I’ve found myself,” she said.

“I’m more ambitious and purposeful. I know who I am. I’ve grown into a woman that I’ve always wanted to become, and yet I’m still on the journey to becoming that. I don’t have a name yet for the baby, all I know is I want its meaning to be about life as the baby has given me a new sense of life and living,” she continued.

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