Londie London launches her own hair brand

Londie London launches her own hair brand

Londie London launches her own hair brand

Ex-Real Housewives of Durban star Londie London makes money moves as she ventures into the hair business. Londie London has launched her very own signature braids, the Londie London Braid.

Shortly after leaving the hit show the Real Housewives of Durban Londie Lond

Rumors that her ex-fiance cut her off completely and even took back the car he had given her for kids’ emergencies were swirling around on social media. And the public had front-row seat as it was unfolding right before their eyes.

However, the singer and former reality TV star is making boss moves after venturing into the fastest-growing business of selling hair. Although she is not selling weaves and wigs Londie London took it back to the original braids.

Londie London launches her own hair brand

Overcome with excitement and joy, Londie London took to Instagram to share the amazing news with her industry friends, fans, followers, and potential clients at large. Londie London had teamed up with Afrotex Prima Afro, and they are hailed for having the longest braids in Africa, with 100 inches of braids.

“It is my pleasure to introduce to you the LONDIE LONDON BRAID! in collaboration with @afrotex_prima_afro The longest braid in AFRICA with 100 inches of fabulousness! Get your coins ready as I am dropping MONDAY!!!
Let’s get braided!!!!! wrote Londie London

Although Londie London left the Real Housewives of Durban amicably after shooting for two episodes. However, she was met by the tough Sanelisiwe ‘Sane’ Bhengu in the second episode and things totally went south in the speed of light.

In the episode, Londie attended Sorisha Naidoo’s spa launch. However, her appearance was not pleasant at all as she had a heated argument with Nesh Sanelieiswe Bhengu, who is a private chef.

She then went on to attack Londie’s past relationship and it seems this was intended to create more drama for the episode. Londie sat down with Jojo who asked her about what was happening in her relationship with Hlubi Nkosi.

This follows their messy breakup which had its fair share of publicity in the tabloids. The musician felt uncomfortable disclosing intimate details about their breakup in the presence of Nesh- whom she referred to as a stranger.

“What are you hiding everything out there” asked Nesh. The chef went on to diss Londie’s career and said if she was not all over her ex-husband Hlubi Nkosi, would have not left her” said Sane Bhengu

Bhengu continued stating “Your life is not even worth it. Who are you with a stupid career? Your man left you and you have nothing right now you are hustling. If you weren’t all over the place you would still be living large and driving a Range Rover”

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