List Of Celebrity Breakups Of 2021

List Of Celebrity Breakups Of 2021

List Of Celebrity Breakups Of 2021

If only relationships were forever we would get to see our favorite celeb couples in love every day. If you have experienced love you know that it hurts as well.

Our favorite people on the internet took a shot at love and it did not go as expected. Unfortunately, as much as we admire our celebrities they have been through divorce and heartbreak. You would think it would be easier for them with all the money that they have.

For some of them, it was not amicable. It appears it has been a difficult journey letting go. Fans got a first-class ticket to watch everything go down on social media.

We have listed celebrity relationships that did not survive 2021:

After years of living apart and suspicions of infidelity on Loyiso’s part, his estranged wife Mathunzi, has decided to file for divorce.

The two have been living separately since 2017, and Mathunzi claims she is having difficulty moving on from her husband’s infidelity, which she refers to as adultery.

Mathunzi also stated that because they were married in community of property, the assets will not be distributed as intended.

Mohale and Somizi

The status of Mohale Motaung and Somizi Mhlongo’s marriage has gotten a lot of attention.

The pair, who came up with the name Somhale, tied the knot in September 2019 in a traditional ceremony that may easily win wedding of the year. The couple celebrated their gorgeous white wedding in January 2020, which was star-studded and lavish, much like a traditional wedding.

Unfortunately, infidelity has been a reason for divorce in their marriage. Mohale was accused of having an affair with a married businessman who happened to be a friend of Somizi’s.

Mohale declared in an interview with The Citizen that he will not divorce his husband. The actor revealed that their relationship is currently rough, but noted that this is how relationships can be at times.

Zizo Tshwete and Mayihlome Tshwete

The couple has been married for four years and it appears that they have called it quits.

List Of Celebrity Breakups Of 2021

According to a close relative of the couple, their legal teams have convened to purportedly draft divorce papers, according to the Sunday World. As per reports, the couple’s issues began in 2017 and they have attempted to work things out.

Zinhle Mabena and Robert Ngwenya

This was a short-lived marriage that ended in outrageous claims. Robert Ngwenya accused his ex-wife Zinhle of attempted murder.

According to the Sunday Sun, she attempted to assassinate her ex-husband on January 28th, but his bodyguard was killed instead.

However, after Zinhle was arrested and spent one night in jail the charges were dropped and it was discovered that her ex-husband might have framed her.

Robert is planning to write a book about his experiences during their brief marriage. The reason for their divorce is unknown.

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