Ligwalagwala FM presenter Lungile Mhango attacked by taxi rank men

Ligwalagwala FM presenter Lungile Mhango attacked by taxi rank men

Ligwalagwala FM presenter Lungile Mhango attacked by taxi rank men

LIGWALAGWALA FM presenter Lungile Mhango fears for her life after she was harassed and threatened with violence by a group of men.

This after she interviewed one of the girls who were harassed and had their skirts lifted at a taxi rank in Mbombela, Mpumalanga recently.

According to some of her colleagues, the harassment started when Lungile, who’s better known as S’bukubukwane, was part of a group of women who heard about the incident and organised a march against the harassment of women.

“After she interviewed one of the girls, a group of men, including taxi drivers, stormed the SABC offices where she works.

“They stood outside her studio while she was doing the show and threatened her with rape for interviewing one of the girls. They banged on her wall,” said the colleague, who asked not to be named for fear of victimisation.

Another colleague said Lungile was so frightened she didn’t finish her show.

“She was shaken. We could see she was scared. The worst part is that the police did absolutely nothing to protect her. The men threatened her with rape. She now fears for her safety and we’re also concerned about her.

“These men are against the march.”

Lungile said: “I can’t comment on that incident. It’s against company policy.”

SABC acting spokeswoman Mmoni Seapolelo said: “The SABC can confirm that there was an incident in which its presenter, Ms Lungile Mhango, was threatened by some of the individuals who were present during an interview between Ligwalagwala FM and the chairperson of the taxi association regarding an incident which took place at the taxi rank.

“The SABC doesn’t condone any behaviour which threatens another individual.

“The behaviour meted against Ms Mhango was also condemned on-air. The SABC is providing Ms Mhango with the necessary support in dealing with this matter. It must also be noted that the SABC has a role to play in creating awareness around the issue of gender-based violence, and will continue to use its platforms to spread the message of ending violence against women and children.”

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