Lethabo Mathatho of the Real Housewives shows her expensive house to fans.

Lethabo Mathatho of the Real Housewives shows her expensive house to fans.

We really like it when our favourite local celebrities allow us to inside their luxurious lifestyles especially their homes where we get to ascertain where they are available out of before hitting our television screens.

When Lethabo Mathatho first made her appearance on the important Housewives of Johannesburg Season 2, people couldn’t help but love her for her feisty attitude and her unapologetic confrontational edge.

If fabulous was an individual , this woman would definitely be her as Lejoy is understood to be a fanatical fashion lover as seen on the show and every one her celebrity sightings.

The reality star recently had a tour of her lavish mansion on the web edition of House & Garden South Africa and every one we will say is her house speaks for itself.

Her house is situated in Kyalami, Johannesburg and that we think that the truth television star , radio personality, TV host and MC should add home decor to her resume.

Her style and elegance exude into her home as space represents everything she loves from colour to glass tables and a walk-in closet referred to as ‘The Pink Room’, this space is Lethabo’s sanctuary.

“I wanted an area I could escape to and just be myself,” the star says. albeit a number of the interiors reflects her boisterous and colorful personality, just by watching it, we could tell she is simply the maximum amount of a homebody.

Take a glance at the truth stars crib within the video below:

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