Lerato Sengadi on why she was not at HHP’s tombstone unveiling

Lerato Sengadi on why she was not at HHP’s tombstone unveiling

Lerato Sengadi on why she was not at HHP’s tombstone unveiling

Renowned publicist and HHP’s widow Lerato Sengadi has revealed that neither she nor her family received an invite from her late husband’s family to the unveiling of his tombstone at the weekend.

On Tuesday, Lerato took to her Twitter timeline to explain why she did not attend the unveiling. “My family and I were not informed about my husband’s unveiling. I had zero say or input on his tombstone or inscription. I was not invited. Like everyone on socials, it was my first time seeing Leano in four years,” she wrote. “Like I said, their evil and malice knows no boundaries. But Modimo le Motho see this … and they will action accordingly.”

It’s public knowledge that Lerato has had a turbulent relationship with her in-laws.

The cracks became visible after HHP’s suicide, in October 2018, when the Tsambo family, led by the rapper’s father, attempted to exclude her from all funeral arrangements because they didn’t recognise her as his customary wife.

Lerato Sengadi on why she was not at HHP’s tombstone unveiling

With Lerato having to turn to the courts, the Gauteng South High Court later, recognised her as HHP’s lawful customary wife after the lobola negotiations and wedding ceremony that took place in February 2016.

At HHP’s funeral service many noticed Lerato was excluded from the tributes, seated apart from the Tsambo family, and how the late rapper’s sister acknowledged everyone except her. Speaking to TshisaLIVE, HHP’s sister Ayanda Tsambo came to the family’s defence saying because it was an intimate gathering, there were a lot of people who were not invited.

“She was not the only one who was not invited so we owe quite a few people an apology for leaving them out … we just thought she was going to invite herself, we even reserved a seat for her … It was a private gathering mostly reserved for close family.” she said.

Rapper and former Morafe group member Lerothodi “Towdeemac” Moagi was at the unveiling

“We were honoured to be able to represent many who couldn’t make it to the unveiling. We would like to assure them that the occasion went well and that they are welcome to visit Jabba at Hero’s Acres (Matlalong) in Mahikeng.” he said. Towdeemac expressed his appreciation to HHP’s frail mother who suffers from Parkinson’s disease for still going ahead with the event to honour her late son.

“We are also extremely appreciative of Mama their Tsambo (Jabba’s mom) who, in her sickly state, had the courage to honour her late son, against all odds. We hail her as Queen Mother of Motswako.”

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