Lerato Marabe Addresses Marriage Rumors

Lerato Marabe Addresses Marriage Rumors

Lerato Marabe Addresses Marriage Rumors

Skeem Saam actress Lerato Marabo recently did an interview on Metro FM’s breakfast show with Mo Flava and Khutso Theledi.

In 2021 Lerato Marabe was rumoured to be married at a beautiful traditional wedding joined by close family and friends.

Images surfaced on social media where it appeared the actress was wearing traditional wedding attire next to her hubby.

“Big big lies, I didn’t get married last year.”

There were celebrations at her home in Johannesburg and it started raining so she used her grandmother’s blanket as cover which she believes led people to think she was getting married.

“We were performing a ceremony at home last year. So it rained on that day and the blanket I was wearing that day is my granny’s blanket. So I just took a picture and posted it and everyone was like “She got married” not even.

“Everywhere I go they ask me about my husband,” expressed a frustrated Lerato.

Pretty And Lehasa’s Love Story

Pretty and Lehasa’s love story is one that can make hopeless romantics wish they can experience.

Pretty and Lehasa, who come from two totally different worlds fell in love in last the last season of Skeem Saam.

Pretty, who was in a relationship at the time had gone to Joburg to meet up with her friend Eunice who was studying at the time.

She and Lehasa fell in love instantly upon laying eyes on one another. Their affair went on for about a week until her partner at the time Kat Peterson suspected and went to fetch Pretty, along with Kwaito and Tbose.

They had suspected that Lehasa was taking advantage of Pretty on to find out that the two were having an affair.

While back at Turfloop Pretty realised that she had fallen pregnant, but Lehasa had already moved on at the time.

She told Lehasa about the pregnancy who became cold until her abortion.

The two rekindled their love and hooked up again when Khwezi, Lehasa’s baby mama was supposed to go away. She returned when they least expected, stabbing Lehasa and attempting to kill Pretty which brought the two even closer.

Pretty and Lehasa’s relationship hasn’t been the same since Khwezi moved in with them. Last night, when Pretty’s elders came to fetch her and she refused – Aunty Joyce asked Lehasa: If you love her so much then why don’t you marry her?

Lehasa responded: We are in no rush to get married as we are building.

This left us wondering, if you love her so much and you are seeing that your vat n sit is causing a commotion in her family, then do right by her.

Since then their relationship has had its ups and downs and Lehasa is believed to be falling for his ex Nothile Mavimbela. It seems he has lost some interest in Pretty.

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