Lerato Kganyago presents her new Sanitary Pads

Lerato Kganyago presents her new Sanitary Pads

Bit by bit women are taking over! Our favourite local female celebs are coming with great business minds and it’s only a matter of time before overtaking most dominated male business sectors. Lerato Kganyago‘s baby is finally here and the good sis is focusing on charity work first.

Lerato introduced her elegantly designed Flutter By LKG sanitary pads brand, which is an addition to her Flutter family.

The newlywed, who has proven time and time again that she is the queen of making moves in silence, announced last week that she has been working on something these past few months however she chose to do it under wraps.

The DJ also has decided to put her philanthropic ways to good use by giving back to charities.

She revealed during an interaction session with her followers on Twitter that the first batch of sanitary pads will be distributed to rural areas for women and girls in need, for free.

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