Lerato Kganyago is hurting: share why Her marriage lasted only 2 months

Lerato Kganyago is hurting: share why Her marriage lasted only 2 months

Metro FM radio character Lerato Kganyago and her better half, Thami Ndlala, were intending to have a white wedding in September this year, however have chosen to cancel it and separate genially.

The partition comes scarcely two months after their much-advertised conventional wedding, which saw Kganyago authoritatively invited by Ndlala’s family in Sandhurst, northern Johannesburg.

As per two sources who are near the couple and would not like to be named, Kganyago this week chose to gather her sacks and leave the chateau they shared. On Thursday the 37-year-old stunned her fans with a web based life post reporting the division.

“It is with overwhelming sadness that we declare that Thami and I have chosen to head out in our own direction. We have come to understand that our various needs and outstanding tasks at hand have not managed us an opportunity to put resources into our relationship.

I will keep on thinking about Thami and anticipate developing our kinship. We believe that our security will be regarded during this troublesome time,” she composed on her Instagram page.

Her announcement has separated her supporters. While some recognized her for being courageous, some felt it was an exposure stunt turned out badly. At the point when we moved toward her for input, the enthusiastic disk jockey stated: “I have no further remark. I have said all that I needed to state in my announcement.”

Ndlala has also confirmed the split. “We decided to write a joint statement that was posted by Lerato on Instagram. We remain good friends,” he said.

There is a lot of speculation around their marriage. The two sources alleged that Ndlala’s infidelity was the reason they separated.

Ndlala denied this. “It was a mutual decision and there was no infidelity. This is only speculation, and it’s devoid of any truth whatsoever. We expect this decision to be respected and for us to be granted privacy,” he said.

Other sources confirmed that the couple had been preparing for a big white wedding. “Celebrity designer Gert-Johan Coetzee had already started designing Lerato’s white gown, but it is not clear what is going to happen with it now.

“Lerato is really hurting. She has discovered so many things about this guy, hence she decided to separate from him,” said one of these sources. This week speculation about Ndlala’s alleged shenanigans went viral on social media, where many labelled him a fraudster and conman who was living a “borrowed” life.

Some people even claimed on social media that Ndlala owed them money.

According to the Thami Ndlala Holdings website, Ndlala owns a business consultancy company that specialises in management consulting, business development and project management.

“He is not the sole owner of the mansion in Sandhurst. He doesn’t even belong to the residential WhatsApp group,” claimed one of the two sources close to the couple. However, Ndlala said it was impossible to defend himself against such allegations.

“These allegations are devoid of all truth. I find it curious that people wish to remain anonymous. It seems to me like a further attempt to slander my good name. There are legal procedures available to all citizens if they feel money is due to them.

“No such legal documentation had been served on me. This seems like a failed attempt to litigate and the media has become a forum for such litigation for the cowardly faceless who seek popularity,” he said.

On the claim that he does not own the mansion where he lives, Ndlala said: “I will not deign to answer such false allegations. We have a functioning justice system in place that deals with such and I trust the system in place for everyone to enjoy. My residence ownership is not of anyone’s interest except for those that seek relevance and enjoy expired firecrackers.”

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