Lebo M who was set to get married for the 5th time breaks up with fiance after cheating with ex-wife

Lebo M who was set to get married for the 5th time breaks up with fiance after cheating with ex-wife

Lebo M who created Lion King has again delivered a “bombed sentimental” creation with his fiancee Malefu “Mel” Ntsala.

Lebo M got connected a year ago to the magnificence a normal to get married for the current year.

Anyway celebgossip.co.za has discovered that the couple split in January after Lebo began engaging his ex, Angela Ngani-Casara.

As of late gossipy tidbits about their partition flowed via web-based networking media and Ntsala had this to state:

“Its been 5 months as of now what would you like to know?I’m so over it. We broke uo in January, what is this currently, It’s June? I don’t comprehend why you need to keep in touch with me in Lebo’s stories,”she said.

As per Ntsala, their relationship finished in light of the fact that she and Lebo M developed tired o one another.

“Connections are connections folks, they bite the dust, now and then they turn out to be, now and then they don’t.

‘I mean truly, there is nothing I can say. He was a decent and astounding accomplice however we must be the place we are today and I’m so upbeat for him.

‘We both were burnt out on each other.you know connections, we concluded that you recognize what, this isn’t beneficial for us. This isn’t for us.”

She likewise said notwithstanding the separation, there was no animosity between them.

“The wedding should happen this year however no,it didnt occur.

Talking on claims He is dating a famous artist as of now Ntsala stated,

“I thought he is back with Angela, what was the deal?

Lebo M couldn’t be gone after remark.

This is Lebo M’s forward bombed relationship.

Lebo M wedded Vivica Gibson for a long time.

Separated Vivica and wedded Nandi Ndlovu for 11 yrs

Separated Nandi and wedded Angela Ngani-Casara in 2008-2013

Drawn in Generations: Thee Legacy entertainer, Zoe Mthiyane, they didn’t get hitched however. In the wake of parting with Zoe in 2016, he remarried Angela.

Remarried Nandi however separated in 2017.

A year ago he got connected with to Malefu “Mel” Ntsala and parted ways with her and evidently he is back with his ex Angela Ngani-Casara… … The maker must consider beginning his own unscripted TV drama… ..

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