Lebo M to divorce his wife Pretty Samuels-Morake

Lebo M to divorce his wife Pretty Samuels-Morake

Lebo M to divorce his wife Pretty Samuels-Morake

‘The Lion King’ producer Lebo Morake, popularly known as Lebo M, through a statement issued to media has announced that he will be issuing his wife businesswoman Pretty Samuels-Morake with divorce summons.

Morake’s statement was vague as to why he and Samuels-Morake are calling it quits after a year of marriage.

“I will not be drawn into salacious allegations and innuendos about my business and personal life. I will be going ahead with the divorce and have already instructed my attorneys,” said Lebo M.

Samuels-Morake is the president of the Lebo M Foundation and the couple were reportedly introduced to each other through a mutual friend.

While Lebo M’s career has earned him recognition across the world, so has his love life, which has seen him say ‘I do’ numerous times.

He was married to Viveca Gipson for five years. He divorced Gipson and married Nandi Ndlovu. They were married for 11 years.

He then divorced Ndlovu and married Ngani-Casara. Their marriage lasted five years, from 2008 to 2013.

In 2014, the Hollywood composer started dating former ‘Generations’ actress Zoe Mthiyane.

After their daughter Lulo was born in 2015, the pair got engaged, but the relationship went sour and they ended things in 2016.

He then remarried his third wife, Ngani-Casara, but they divorced again in 2017 and they briefly rekindled the romance, playing out on his reality TV show ‘Lebo M: Coming Home’.

Lebo M’s latest failed marriage has seen him trend on social media with many weighing in on his divorce.

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