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Latest Short hairstyles 2019-Trends overview and inspirational ideas

Short hairstyles 2018 – Trends overview and inspirational ideas

Do you prefer Latest Short hairstyles 2019 for the summer because they are comfortable and also give you a confident look?

The effect would be even better if you also draw ideas from the fashion trends in this area.

Asymmetrical shapes and pure lines are some of the main trends for this year.

Much of 2018 has also been adopted and can still be worn this season.

But let’s look at some concrete examples together!


Latest Short hairstyles 2019 – Trends overview and inspirational ideas

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For a noble occasion, you can use a noble hair accessory.



Short haircuts with a masculine look

Romantic short haircuts

The modern hair colors

Interesting casual braids and accessories

Modern Bobs

Choose short haircuts that emphasize your individual appearance

the less conspicuous asymmetries are 2018 current

Convertible short haircuts are ideal for the upcoming summer season

This wavy short hairstyle was a hit in 2018. It is just as modern in 2019.

Ombre effect with natural hair colors remains current for short haircuts

you can opt for contrasts between blond and dark brown

Many ladies feel much freer with a short haircut

With dark hair roots, you can make classic blonde short hairstyles look more modern

Female features are often emphasized even more with a short haircut