Latest on King Misuzulu’s health after being poisoned – Family speaks out

Latest on King Misuzulu’s health after being poisoned – Family speaks out

Latest on King Misuzulu’s health after being poisoned – Family speaks out

Zulu King Misuzulu kaZwelithini has fully recovered following suspicions that he may have been poisoned during his birthday party last week, the royal family has confirmed.

King Misuzulu was unable to address his subjects during uMkhosi weLembe (Shaka’s Day) celebration on a Heritage Day after he got sick during his birthday celebration a day before.

The king had a birthday dinner at one of the restaurants at the Pearls in Umhlanga, in Durban. He suddenly got sick and left the party immediately.

His condition became severe to a point where his doctor was called, according to the sources.

He was suspected to have been poisoned as his sickness was sudden.

The doctor then advised that he was not fit to make an address during uMkhosi weLembe as his condition was closely monitored.

Prince Thulani, spokesperson for the royal family, said the king has made great progress after his sudden illness.

He said the king’s blood test results have not been made available to the family at this stage.

“The king is doing very well, he has fully recovered. We have not received the results. We understand that it is confidential information between the king and his doctor.

“I will not be able to ask or divulge that information without his consent. But I can confirm that the king has fully recovered,” said Prince Thulani.

King Misuzulu addressed the royal family meeting during the week and touched on the controversial issue of succession which has caused division within the family.

He said the disputes over succession were not new within the royal family, urging all members to work together to preserve the power of the throne.

This comes as some members in the family have not accepted him as a king while others have lodged legal disputes against his nomination.

Senior royal family members, Prince Mbonisi and Princess Thembi have been leading the opposing members, challenging King Misuzulu, they have pushed for Prince Simakade, King Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu’s eldest surviving son to take over the throne.

The both snubbed the meeting which took place at the old legislator in Ulundi.

King Misuzulu said the throne belongs to all royal families and it was everyone’s responsibility to preserve it.

“This throne does not belong to Princess Thembi or Prince Simakade but it belongs to you, the Zulu nation. I wish to express that we hope this is the last meeting of this sort trying to resolve the impasse because nothing pains me more than having to restart leadership processes that are legally sound,” he told the meeting.

  • Clarification

The Sunday Tribune reported last week that the king’s birthday party was held at the Beverley Hills hotel. This is incorrect as the party was held at another hotel in Umhlanga, while the king only slept-over at the Beverley Hills. The error is regretted and this newspaper unreservedly apologizes for the inconvenience this may have caused to the brand and image of the Beverley Hills Hotel.

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