Latest on killer cop who killed relatives to cash out on life insurance policies

Latest on killer cop who killed relatives to cash out on life insurance policies

Latest on killer cop who killed relatives to cash out on life insurance policies

The former policewoman on trial for allegedly murdering and plotting to kill relatives to cash out on life insurance policies has been described by former colleagues as a regular gambler who often bought them lunch.

Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu, who is facing six charges of murder, and others including fraud and attempted murder, was apparently “very monied and generous” to her colleagues at the Tembisa South police station on the East Rand.

Two of Ndlovu’s former colleagues who spoke on condition of anonymity yesterday said she often came to everyone’s rescue, especially when most of them were broke.

Ndlovu, 46, has been behind bars for more than two years following her arrest in 2018.

In the trial, the state had lined up more than 30 witnesses who testified against her in the high court in Johannesburg sitting in the Palm Ridge magistrate’s court.

The state closed its case this week and the court is now hearing the defence’s testimony which started with Ndlovu on the stand yesterday.

Ndlovu is accused of killing six relatives, including her lover, and plotting to murder her sister, nieces, nephews and mother to cash in life insurance policies.

Among those she is accused of killing is her partner Yingwani Maurice Mabasa, with whom she had a child.

Mabasa died in October 2015 after the third attempt on his life. He was stabbed more than 80 times.

Ndlovu’s former colleagues said Ndlovu had been at the station since it was opened in 2014.

They said she often splurged on lunch on as many as five colleagues at a go without expecting the money back.

“She would buy everyone here lunch when we are broke, she was close to all of us,” an officer said.

“To be honest with you, she had lots of money and was generous with it on everyone,” another colleague said, adding Ndlovu also dished out loans to broke work mates.

Ndlovu was described as an ordinary woman who ate mala mogodu (tripe) and got along with everyone at work.

“She was an ordinary woman who we all liked and didn ’ t show any signs of anything strange happening in her life,” a colleague said.

She said Ndlovu who she referred to as MaNdlovu was often stressed and unhappy during the few occasions she was broke.

“She would mention it first thing in the morning after getting to work and say, ‘you know I am broke today’,” she said.

They said Ndlovu often went to Emperors Palace in Kempton Park to gamble.

The officers said she has mentioned to them that she lost her first husband who was killed and most recently met her new lover, who they also described as “her husband”, who was also killed.

“We now realise that it’s strange that she lost both her husbands who were both murdered,” a cop said.

The colleague who saw Ndlovu’s docket said she couldn’t believe the cases and the evidence that the state had put together against her.

“That person as per what’s in the docket is different to the woman who I regularly shared lunch with at work,” the colleague said.

Ndlovu who is facing a string of cases, including six murders of:

We think it’s strange both her husbands were killed

Witness Madala Homu

(cousin) who was murdered in March 2012. She allegedly got R131,000 from policies; Audrey Somisa Ndlovu (sister) who was killed in June 2013. Ndlovu allegedly cashed out more than R717,000 in insurance;

Mabasa (boyfriend). She allegedly claimed R416,000 from insurance companies;

Zanele Motha (niece) who was killed in June 2016. She apparently cashed out about R120,000;

Mayeni Mashaba (nephew) who died in April 2017. There was no information available on whether she had taken out policies on him or put in claims; and

Audrey’s son Brilliant Mashego (nephew) who was killed in January 2018. There was no information immediately available whether she had taken out policies on him.

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