Lady Du Shows Support To The Alleged Rapist, TalA$$Mo

Lady Du Shows Support To The Alleged Rapist, TalA$$Mo

Lady Du Shows Support To The Alleged Rapist, TalA$$Mo

Amapiano vocalist Lady Du is under scrutiny yet again as she shows support for the alleged rapist TalAssMo. Lady Du did not mince her words as she write under TalAssMo’s tweep to offer him some inspiration during this dark time of his life and career.
Evidently, Lady Du is not the one to shy away from voicing her opinions and speaking her mind, irrespective of what she says my be perceived. Currently, TalAssMo is making headlines following his interview on the Podcast and Chill with MacG where he has lambasted a number of some of the industry darlings while calling them out of their names.

The allegations of raping media personality Lerato Moloi are still a topic of discussion and TalAssMo is still under tweeps wrath, as they continue to breath fire down his neck. What has triggered scores of women is how he went to Podcast and Chill with MacG and called women bit**es, meanwhile he was trying to plead his case.

Taking to Twitter, TalAssMo is cry sobbing as he mentions that he has nothing and also have become nothing, speaking on the transgressions of his alleged crimes and how they have affected his life as his career. TalAssMo has been on a campaign of recruiting people to his corner while still claiming his innocence.

“I have nothing and have become nothing” wrote TalAssMo

Immediately Lady Du jumped in to offer TalAssMo some words of advice during this obvious hard time in his life. In her ‘motivational speech’, Lady Du went to advice TalAssMo to pray for better days and this is just a test of life.

“We fall we dust ourselves, we get up and try again. We have day and night for a reason, after darkness comes light. Do this for your wife and kids. Pray my brother always. These are the tests of life” wrote Lady Du

TalAssMo went on to appreciate Lady Du for showing him some support,

“I appreciate you so much my sister and God knows what he has in stall” wrote TalAssMo

Lady Du quickly assured TalAssMo that soon all will be water under the bridge and she wishes to see him smile again, “We want to laugh my G, BUYA!!! Okunye leave in God’s hands. God bless you and your family bro”

Scores of tweeps were found beside themselves as they immediately lashed out and lambasted Lady Du for obviously showing support to an alleged rapist. Lady Du was quickly reminded that it is for this reason that her father doesn’t like her.

“This is why your dad doesn’t like you” wrote Sandi

“The car you bought your mom is ugly” wrote Dolly

“It was ugly but now it’s worse” wrote Luya Gumede

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