Lady Du appreciates fans for making her dreams come true (Video)

Lady Du appreciates fans for making her dreams come true

Lady Du appreciates fans for making her dreams come true (Video)

Lady Du is elated about her latest venture, Wawa La Beauty which she will be opening soon.

The singer is business-minded and she works toward eradicating poverty from her generation down to the next, hence she’s been saving all her coins to establish more sources of income.

Du has severally posted and talked about her newly built beauty saloon on social media, and she’s is back again to talk about the business, with a video which she shared on Instagram.

“I’ve had a tough journey in music and life, I always think of the worst when it comes to my music so I decided to not put myself under pressure by trying to look like I have money, I literally decided to use what I have, save all my money and buy something I know will be a legacy, I’m a fully qualified beautician, I now own a beauty salon,” she wrote.

The Amapiano star expresses gratitude to her fans and supporters for making her dream come true.

” I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you guys for streaming my music, for supporting me through the toughest times of my life, for believing in me when sometimes I felt like I was drowning, the first management experience was tough that I realised I made nothing at all, and when I got out of the situation I decided to save every last cent for this. every single thing here was hand made by our brothers in business, from the bottom of my heart.”

“I thank you for every stream, every booking, I have also employed 15 people, and this is all thanks to you. I am where I am because of each and everyone of you!!! Talent alone is not enough and I pray God does for you what he has for me. This salon is for the people, I want to make my employees successful. All paid up which means they will make more money than I will!!!! I thank you soooo soooo much here’s to more franchises.”

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