Ladies fight for Ginimbi

Ladies fight for Ginimbi

Ladies fight for Ginimbi

Several ladies are having silent wars on social media over who was closer to the late Genius Ginimbi Kadungure. The death of Ginimbi last Sunday in a horrific car accident has not stopped him from ‘owning’ Africa’s finest ladies.

A number of ladies have taken to social media to share their pain and intimate moments with the late Kadungure.

Though the late Ginimbi never really opened up about his relationship status, his death now reveals he was a ladies’ man and he had a number of intimate moments with a number of women.

One nicole_viera on Instagram posted a picture of the two holding hands and she revealed that Ginimbi used to speed on the road, in his fancy cars, with her.

She also stated that she trusted his drunk-driving.

“Countless nights we would leave the club drunk.

“I remember we would time ourselves and take 14 minutes from dreams (night club) to the mansion. Crazy!

“He knew after one bottle of Moet I will be so gone and only want me so close by.

“You were such a good driver.

Ladies fight for Ginimbi

“No matter how drunk I trusted you with my life in those times, and he know.

“How will I even start school next year.

“We had so many plans.

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