Kwesta’s wife Yolanda Vilakazi Details emotional Pregnancy Journey

Kwesta’s wife Yolanda Vilakazi Details emotional Pregnancy Journey

Kwesta’s wife Yolanda Vilakazi Details emotional Pregnancy Journey

Kwesta and his wife Yolanda are currently expecting their second child and in a lengthy Instagram post has shared details about her pregnancy journey so far.

The famous couple recently shared with the public that their family is expecting a new member with a beautiful photoshoot where Yolanda’s growing bump was shown off. From finding out just before lockdown and navigating the uncertainties and fear that came with the pandemic to my first ultrasound and the gynaecologist (not my actual gyne) telling me she can’t find a heartbeat & that I miscarried,” shared Yolanda.

As Yolanda prepares to enter to her third trimester she is sharing with her fans and followers just how emotional her journey has been filled with ups and downs, especially during a pandemic.

Yolanda after that visit to the gynaecologist had to go home to deliver the news “to an already excited husband & big sister to be” and “it was rougher than rough.”

In her post, she then goes on to detail how her first and second trimester was, with her first being completely different from when she was pregnant with her first daughter Khai.

Kwesta’s wife Yolanda Vilakazi Details emotional Pregnancy Journey

“First trimester was HORRIBLE! I had all of the symptoms, something I barely experienced with Khai. Bekunzima. Second trimester was an absolute breeze. I had so much energy and took on getting a nursery ready, it’s done now & I’m bored with nothing to do,” explains Yolanda.

As she enters her third trimester the mood has defiantly changed for Yolanda and she is feeling the pinch of pregnancy and ready for the journey to finish.

“Anyway… still I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world! It’s totally worth it & so fulfilling. God bless all the pregnant women & new moms who read this. We are strength & love personified,” she adds.

Pregnancy is a journey for both parents and Yolanda’s rapper husband also has shared how his life has done a full 360 from the time they expected their first child as he was financially struggling at the time.

Kwesta explained that once Khai was born, he was in such financial trouble, that his wife had to seek assistance from her aunt, to help fund his daughter’s first birthday party. The rapper also went on to share that his wife and daughter were his motivation to continue with music and create a stable life for his family

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