Kuhle Adams: I despise South African men

Kuhle Adams: I despise South African men

Kuhle Adams: I despise South African men

Expresso presenter Kuhle Adams has shared a recent experience that made her realise that she’s constantly living in fear as a woman in SA. Kuhle shared on Twitter this week how she was looked at like “a piece of meat” and made to feel unsafe by two different men.

Kuhle explained that she had an issue with her plane ticket, which was made more uncomfortable by comments a male employee who was helping her allegedly kept making. “He says; ‘ewe, she’s gorgeous, uyayazi. I only deal with the best. Ndingathathela mna lo’. Like I’m some object. I could not wait to get the issue resolved so I could leave.”

Her ordeal didn’t end there, as she had another encounter with a different man as she looked for her seat on the plane, leaving her feeling like she’s a “piece of meat”.“As I am looking for my seating, this man in the front row looks back and says ‘yho, kutheni nibahle maan’.

“I purposefully ignored him, he persisted until the rows were filled up. I am so tired of being looked at like a piece of meat. You have no right to look at me and address me like that,” Kuhle said.

The TV host went on to share how each of these experiences added to her anxiety every time she stepped out.“You have no idea how relieved I get when I arrive at my destination safely,” she said.

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