King Monada’s new look leaves social media in stitches – Photos

King Monada’s new look leaves social media in stitches – Photos

King Monada’s new look leaves social media in stitches – Photos

Mzansi star King Monada is currently the talk of Mzansi after his new look went viral on social media.

The ‘Malwedhe’ hitmaker, who is well-known for putting Limpopo’s music on the map and flaunting his fancy cars on social media, debuted a sleek new look on Monday.

King Monada appears to have dumped his usual hairstyle and got his hair plaited instead.

Seemingly testing the waters on how people would react to his new look, King Monada only shared a single photo of his new hairstyle.

While the photo does not show a great view of the new hairstyle, it is clear that the Limpopo musician’s hair is plaited.

Sharing the photo on social media platforms, King Monada captioned it:

Ke ganne ba nlowa ka swele ene aba kgoni. [This loosely translates to I refused to drink the wine]

While the photo of King Monada’s new look has been going viral, reactions to it have been mixed.

It seems that Mzansi is not as enamoured by the musician’s new look. Many are of the option that the new look does not fit King Monada well. Some even poked fun at him, saying that the hairstyle would look better on females.

Instagram user hlatse_mya wrote: ‘You look more like your daughter here‘

Musician Khalil Harrison jokingly said, ‘Is Everything Alright Mr Monada?‘

Mlampezitebogo96 wrote, ‘I didn’t spend even a single day kaba ke kgakgamolotse hlogo, [I didn’t spend even a single day because I was shocked]‘

Twitter user, @Aaronson_drum added: ‘Mmmhh our king is gone‘.

Another Twitter user @MjayDonDada joked, saying: ‘Queen Monada‘
However, not all the reactions were unfavorable. Instagram user nakhisa_nakhile wrote: ‘It suits you, though‘

It remains to be seen whether King Monada’s new look will grow popular with time among his fans or the musician will be forced to revert back to his old look.

King Monada is having a great year after he finally managed to finish his double-storey mansion in Limpopo.

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