King Monada under fire for refusing to pose with fans

King Monada under fire for refusing to pose with fans

King Monada under fire for refusing to pose with fans

Mzansi musician King Monada is facing a bit of online backlash. This was after one of his fans shared a video of him basically ignoring her while she tried to get a selfie with him.

While some of his fans have defended him while blasting the woman for her approach, others have slammed him for not making time to pose with the very same people who have made him famous.

Being a celebrity may seem all glitz and glam but it isn’t always. When your privacy isn’t being invaded, you are forced to pose and smile with your fans — even when you don’t feel like it.

Limpopo star King Monada recently refused to put up a front when one of his fans basically begged him for a photo.

In a video which has since gone viral on X (formerly Twitter), the young woman can be seen calling out to Monada while getting closer for a photo.

Monada on the other hand completely ignores her and continues speaking to what appears to be his security officials.


In the comment section, many of social media users discussed celebrities and how they should treat their fans.

Some blasted the woman for the way she approached the Ska Bora Moreke hitmaker.

“People need to understand if it was t for fans they wouldn’t be where they are . I have had many arguments about this . I have instilled this as a rule . . I don’t care how tired you are, how busy you are … yes it can get much but you most probably just made that person the happiest in a very long time .” one person said while another wrote:

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