Khanyi Mbau’s new look confuses fans – PICS

Khanyi Mbau’s new look confuses fans – PICS

Khanyi Mbau’s new look confuses fans – PICS

South African actress, musician, television presenter and socialite, Khanyi Mbau the ex-girlfriend of Zim businessman Kudzai Mushonga may be pushing 40, but she doesn’t look a day over 25.

But whether that’s down to filters, beauty enhancements, or good genes is anyone’s guess.

This week, the Young, Famous, and African star stunned her social media users with her ageless appearance.

Since news of her split from Kudzai Mushonga, Khanyi Mbau has been showing him what he’s missing with sexy pics on Instagram.

And this week, the reality TV star pulled out all the stops to show off her glam self, including an ageless face.

And her followers noticed too:

@maxi.ashley: “Fountain of youth!”

@hopenomkhosi: “Are you 17 or what?”

@cebithefitnubian_: “Aging backward is the new flex.”

Meanwhile, Khanyi Mbau’s ex Kudzai is comforting his broken heart by partying in Dubai. He’s also been showing off the price of his designer clothes, including a Fendi fur coat worth over R1 million!

He captioned a pic of his extravagant OOTD: “FENDI LOVE. $71000 COAT R1,400,000. $50000 BAG R1,000,000. $71000 WATCH R1,400,000”.

He added: “I DID NOT pay for it, but I have an everlasting picture. That’s impossible to get. ACCESS is a currency”.

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