Khanyi Mbau Trashes The Wife Season 2 Storyline

Khanyi Mbau Trashes The Wife Season 2 Storyline

Khanyi Mbau Trashes The Wife Season 2 Storyline

Khanyi Mbau created a buzz on social media when she dragged The Wife on Showmax and said it does not live up to viewers expectations. For months now, viewers of The Wife have been speaking down on the series, saying it does not live up to standards of the book, making it hard to divulge even further.

Admittedly, when the series first started out, the team warned viewers and said there are some twists and turns to look out for. The idea was not to portray the story verbatim to what is written on print. This threw viewers off and some even said they stopped watching the series at different scenes because they had lost interest.

For many people though, the hype died down when season 1 ended with Qhawe and Hlomu having an affair. This steered the storyline into a different direction hence the uproar.

Perhaps the other actors can see it but the only bold one to actually point it out Khanyi Mbau, caught flack for it.

Taking to Twitter, Khanyi, who plays Zandile, said she too is not pleased with the way the writers portrayed season 2 of The Wife, saying it lacks romance. As a person who studied the character and the book, she is feeling disappointed that she is not telling the story as intended by the book.

cannot take the full blame though because she is only acting out a script which was handed to her by writers.

“We have let you down, we have not given you what you wanted , what you had anticipated! a love story between Zandile and Nkosana. That’s what we all hoped to experience.”

She then pointed out how Nkosana and Zandile were supposed to tell a love story, but the story took a completely different turn. “The Wife Showmax has become more of a crime drama series on a lot of prison scenes , people going missing.. hate and mystery instead of a warm , sexy story about a man a woman who should be in love.”



Khanyi said she imagined The Wife to give off 50 Shades Of Grey vibes but they failed.

But all is not lost, Khanyi appreciates the feedback and thanked the viewers for being honest.

Khanyi admitted before season 2 premiered, that Zandile has been a very complex character for her.

“Out of all characters that I’ve ever played, Zandile is the most complex one. She challenges me.

“She is not an open book; I am still in the process of trying to find who she is. She’s very cold and detached and disconnected from reality. She doesn’t cry. She speaks with the same tone. She never lifts her voice. So she frustrates me and she is going to frustrate the viewers, to the extent of almost disowning her because she seems indecisive and manipulative.

“You can never pinpoint what she’s going to wake up like the next day. I think even her husband struggles with that. But she has one thing about her that I like: she loves deeply, which is something that she has in common with her husband.”

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