Khanyi Mbau praised for #BehindTheStory interview

Khanyi Mbau praised for #BehindTheStory interview

Khanyi Mbau praised for #BehindTheStory interview

Media personality Khanyi Mbau, who is not afraid to speak her truth, has once again been praised for her honesty.

In an interview with Pearl Thusi on “Behind The Story”, Khanyi addressed a number of issues including her childhood, daddy issues, motherhood, break-ups and how she is the original “slay queen.

The social distancing episode was shot before her father’s passing last month and the star shared that she was content with the relationship she had with him. Saying he was too hard to get hold of based on his busy business life as a taxi boss.
Khanyi Mbau praised for #BehindTheStory interview
“My relationship with my father … is non-existent but I do check on him through my siblings, which is my sister.

“Reason being, I’m saving my peace, I’m protecting my atmosphere and I’m trying to keep the same temperature because my dad is one man who’s never happy about anything.”

The former “Muvhango” actress went on to detail her relationship with money and how she was taught from a young age to become a successful person.

Khanyi revealed how she had been depressed for 15 years and her most regrettable decision was hurting some of her industry peers.

“The first step to healing and conquering your depression is to truly accept but sometimes, you need to fall to get up because depression is that you’re living in that anxiety, that, ‘No, I am that boss, but tomorrow what are they going to ask, where is that boss?’

“Let it go babe, let it fall … we going to laugh for two weeks … but it all ends, you’re comeback will always say you’re strong.”

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