Khanyi Mbau On Her Baby Daddy Mandla

Khanyi Mbau On Her Baby Daddy Mandla

Khanyi Mbau On Her Baby Daddy Mandla

Her life has been under scrutiny ever since making it big in the entertainment scene. Khanyi Mbau’s name carries weight in Mzansi showbiz and the international audience even got a taste of her on the Netflix series Young, Famous, African.

Khanyi has been known as the original sugar baby after having dated a wealthy businessman Mandla Mthembu. She even got pregnant with her daughter Khanukani who is 16-years-old now.

Khanyi told Zimoja that she does not know where Mandla is and she has not heard from him in a long time. She claims Khanz does not know anything about her father.

“I don’t know where Mandla is. My daughter does not know her father. She has not seen him ever since she was a baby. She has no recollection of him. All she has is old pictures from when we were young,” she told the blog.

“I genuinely don’t know where Mandla is. I feel like he was a dream. Did he even happen? No calls, no texts, nothing. My daughter who is my partner in this life thing is 16 years old now.”

Khanyi also addressed the backlash she received for telling traditional healers that some of them do not have a calling, they are just depressed.

“You don’t have a calling, it’s anxiety! This is the most anxious generation,” she started off. “That’s why we have so many sangomas… Urban sangomas,” she added.

“Laugh it off, you aren’t alone just get magnesium and a bit of sun B12 and have sea moss. That’s the only sea you need.”

“I am not attacking you, just saving you money. Stop buying cows, chicken and goats. Instead of buying melatonin to help you sleep and to boost your serotonin so your mood is better. Magnesium tabs and lots of B12 you can be your own healer,” said Khanyi.

She finally opened up about how she felt with the reaction her message was received with. Khanyi saw a fiery response from Dineo Ranaka and Muzi Zuma.

Dineo said, “Umuntu ongakaze angene ephehlweni (someone who has never went to initiation school) will have a lot to say about what they don’t know. Like wise a person who has never walked a day in your shoes will have tons of advice on how you should tie your laces. Live as you are guided. Do as you know is good for your soul.” she started off.

“Thokozani modern sangomas, healers and those in the process of their own healing. Thokozani nonke with anxiety and lean to the calming cradle of spirituality for healing. Thokozani those that mock what they cannot comprehend. Thokozani modern day uncertified psychologists that get a great portion of their partial teachings from TikTok (hehehe yah neh), Thokozani nani twitter psychologists and herbalists. Thokozani nina that are fascinated, intrigued and eager to understand and respect the journeys of others without judgement or disgust.”

“May we all try have less opinions over the fingerprints of others as they are ALL uniquely designed. The tongue has proven to be the downfall of many a man.”

Muzi Zuma said, “UBIZO & Depression/Anxiety are VERY Different! One you can’t heal Depression with vitamins, there’s proper medication for it. Two you can’t evade a spiritual calling with Glutathione or other bleaching mechanisms! Vele Ngeke usazi isintu usawumlungu In your head!” wrote Muzi Zuma

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