Kgomotso Moeketsi reminds people to treasure their mothers

Kgomotso Moeketsi reminds people to treasure their mothers

While it was satisfaction and love all around for a great many people this present Mother’s Day, there were some who were miserable, and for veteran radio moderator Kgomotso Moeketsi it had a ton to do with having lost her mom.

Kgomotso shared that she lost her mom to malignant growth, and utilized her experience to give a delicate suggestion to everybody on her TL to completely take in their moms’ quality in their lives since tomorrow was not ensured. The radio character, who is a mother herself, talked openly about how losing her mom changed her.

“Losing my mother transformed me. I underestimated so much when she was near. I accepted the way of life until I heard the word ‘malignant growth’ referenced in a similar sentence as her name. I am not searching for compassion. I’m reminding you to value your mothers since tomorrow is obscure,” she said.

Her tweet pulled in individuals who had comparative encounters, and they overwhelmed her TL to share their accounts and energize those making some hard memories tolerating the loss of their mom

On the opposite finish of the range, there were moms, for example, Linda Mtoba encountering their first Mother’s Day, and those getting a charge out of being ruined by their accomplices and kids.

For the individuals who had lost their kids, similar to veteran on-screen character Florence Masebe, and those as of late lost their mom, similar to David Tlale, or a couple of years prior, similar to on-screen character Nokuthula Mavuso, the day was hard to persevere.

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