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Kgomotso Christopher gives props to ‘Scandal!’ child prodigy Lihlonolofatso


Scandal! actress Kgomotso Christopher has joined Mzansi in praising the soapie’s latest child actor, known only as Lihlonolofatso, who plays Tebello and has stolen the country’s hearts.

Old and new viewers couldn’t help but gush over the youngster’s amazing ability to keep them captivated and they marvelled at how good he was “for his age”.

In the soapie, Tebello takes care of a sick and frail elderly woman, played by the legendary Francina Morake.

Kgomotso agreed with Mzansi that the first-time actor was a marvel to watch on and off screen. She added that he was a “natural” and watching him work brought the actors and crew as much joy as he brought the viewers.

“The child prodigy … first-time actor … we are watching him working and as professionals getting re-inspired. It’s about the craft, the work, the calling. Nothing else! Pure art in action. It’s beautiful to see all the love this boy has received. Deserved,” she tweeted.

Kgomotso also gave props to Francina, who has been in the business for more than three decades, since the Lesilo Rula days.

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