Kelly Khumalo’s suffering while the booze runs out.

Kelly Khumalo’s suffering while the booze runs out.

Kelly Khumalo started strong at the start of the lockdown with boxes of her Controversy Gin.

The singer during the peak of the lockdown was one among the celebrities suggesting that folks without alcohol should follow Minister Bheki Cele’s suggestion of drinking vinegar.

But it seems that her stock of alcohol wasn’t bottomless in any case, albeit the alcohol is in her name.

controversy gin

The singer revealed that she was on her last bottle when friend, Olwee asked if he could have one bottle of her Controversy Gin. Kelly’s reply ended with the singer stating that together with her running out her signature beverage that, “reality is slowly creeping in.”

Like many other South Africans, Kelly stated that she is now expecting alert level 3 restrictions within the hopes that the govt will finally open liquor stores.


And when one social media user suggested that the beginning follow the singer the trend of creating her own pineapple concoction, Kelly didn’t seems curious about the admin of creating the concoction.

In response, Kelly stated that she has taken to rationing her drinking by having only a teaspoon of her gin. But the star that’s no stranger to cyberbullying seemed in good spirits as her and her followers laughed at her dire situation.

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