Kelly Khumalo’s sister Zandile denies “that divorce” was a publicity stunt

Zandie Khumalo-Gumede has denied the claims by some social media users that she is using her recent family feud drama as a publicity tool and makerting technique to promote her new music.

The singer made headlines and shocked the Mzansi entertainment industry earlier this month when she made it public that she was divorcing her “toxic” sister following drama over an allegedly booking scam involving her husband Mhlo Gumede.

The unfolding drama began when an event organiser Bhekani Ndlovu made allegations that Mhlo was using the Khumalo sisters’ name to clandestinely get money from him.

Bhekani alleged that he paid Mhlo R15 000 to secure a gig with Kelly and Vusi Nova.

Apperantly, Vusi distanced himself from the matter and denied having any knowledge of the booking. Kelly came out releasing a statement alleging that she did not know about the gig either.

“With all due respect, Mhlo Gumede is my sister’s husband and manager NOT my bookings manager nor part of my team, never was and never will be,” she said.

All hell broke lose with a furious Zandie hitting back at her sister, labelling Kelly’s statement ‘haphazard, premature and unnecessary’.

Zandie took a swipe at her sister (Kelly) for painting her husband in bad light and aired their dirty laundry in the process.

“The first and the last time I went to jail was because of her, the first time I was questioned by the police and even put on a lie detector test it was because of her, the first time I saw drugs with my own eyes it was from her, today I’m known as an accessory to murder and it’s because of her,” she wrote in a since deleted post.

Zandie added that if she bring to open Kelly’s dirty secrets their ‘jaws will drop’.

She concluded the statement by saying that she was looking forward to promoting the two singles she had coming out.

While the drama took many social media users by surprise, some were of the opinion that the whole thing was stage-managed as a publicity stunt for Zandie’s music.
“Kelly Khumalo & Zandi Khumalo are creating a storyline for Kelly’s reality show and some buzz for Zandi’s upcoming singles. Sebenzani bo girl! We see you,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another added: “Lol! Yep and Kelly Khumalo go like I’m not gonna address anything on Twitter pls catch my first episode on the 2nd of March (whenever her show starts) to address this matter! And we all run to her first episode for umgozi o ngekho ?. And Zandile is pushing her new singles.”

But Zandile, whose new single Akwanele was released on Friday, refuted the insinuations saying the family feud is the real deal.
“My statement was not a publicity stunt. Why would I go to social media and do that?” she told TshisaLIVE.

While it not clear if Zandie and Kelly are on speaking terms, the two have stopped following each other on Instagram.

As for now, Zandie is not staying in the past, she is leaving the drama behind and focusing all her energy on her music.

“I’m over the moon about my new song. It means a lot to me. God has done so much for me and I’m grateful for everything that I have.”

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