Kelly Khumalo Not Allowing Jub Jub To See His Son

Kelly Khumalo Not Allowing Jub Jub To See His Son

Jub and Kelly Khumalo’s child Christian as of late commended his tenth birthday celebration under lockdown. Kelly Khumalo made the day critical by celebrating with Christian and his sister.

Jub anyway needed to wish his child a cheerful birthday by means of web based life where he communicated that he can’t hold on to meet his child. He composed,

“Cheerful birthday my champ, 10 years in my kid, can hardly wait to fold my arms over you. Your dad adores you”.

A year ago Kelly Khumalo stood out as truly newsworthy when she said on a scene of Behind the Story that she doesn’t need Jub to draw close to Christian or to help raise him.

Jub has straightforwardly expressed that he needed to be a piece of his child’s life, however the mother of his child Kelly was declining him access to their kid.

Despite their disparities many felt that Kelly ought to permit Christian to have a relationship with his dad therefore he will grow up with a dad figure in his life.

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