Kelly Khumalo Is it my fault that Senzo loved me,She says as murder case takes new twist

Kelly Khumalo Is it my fault that Senzo loved me,She says as murder case takes new twist

Kelly Khumalo Is it my fault that Senzo loved me,She says as murder case takes new twist

Dubious entertainer and lark Kelly Khumalo has pulled another stunner: She this time accuses Orlando Pirates and Bafana goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa’s family for making Mzansi turn and execute her for a wrongdoing she didn’t submit.

In a meeting on Ezemidlalo Ukhozi FM, Kelly Khumalo shared that it had been very nearly a long time since her sweetheart, Senzo had passed on however it feels like yesterday. My reality was destroyed when he passed on, I never figured something like this could ever transpire. It was an unexpected passing, which left me with an injury that won’t mend at any point in the near future,” she stated, crying.

0n October 2014 updates on Meyiwa’s demise stunned the country. Meyiwa was shot and kicked the bucket at Khumalo’s family home in Vosloorus. Right around 6 years after the fact his executioners have still not been captured.

Kelly Khumalo Is it my fault that Senzo loved me,She says as murder case takes new twist

Since his passing, his family had denounced Kelly Khumalo for not coming clean with the police about who executed Meyiwa, This lead the nation to be isolated and befuddled. A few people accepted that Kelly and the others present at the time Senzo was shot were concealing reality.

Be that as it may, as indicated by Kelly Khumalo, She accuses the Meyiwa family, saying they were driving South Africans to detest and execute her for sins she didn’t submit.

“They despise that they have anticipated at me, lamentably, has spread around [and made] everybody trust I played a part in Senzo’s demise,”

She said they were frantically enamored and there was no chance she would have added to his demise.

“Is it my flaw that Senzo cherished me?”

Before Meyiwa took his final gasp, she was on her knees asking and appealing to God not to remove her infant daddy and extra his life.

“My little girl Thingo was youthful at that point and I didn’t need her to develop without her dad.”

The songstress and mother of two depicted Senzo as a hands-on and adoring dad, who needed the best for her and their little girl Thingo.

“I needn’t bother with us to sit and talk as a family, Thingo is a Khumalo, She is six and poses inquiries. She needs to think about her dad, I would prefer not to assault her with a ton of data. For the time being all she knows is that her dad is in paradise.”

She additionally uncovered that the Meyiwa’s had neglected to pay harms or any cash towards Thingo’s upkeep henceforth her girl will stay a Khumalo and her last name won’t be changed to Meyiwa.

“From the very beginning the Meyiwa Family didn’t care for me as Senzo’s better half and they had made up their psyches that I added to his demise. For a log time they did everything to destroy my notoriety; they called me names. This is clear when you search for me on google.”

She said its past the point where it is possible to make harmony between the two families in light of the fact that the harm has just been finished.

Kelly has lost expectation in the equity framework and feels it had bombed her, despite the fact that she gave the examining officials all that they required at that point.

“This was not my first experience with the equity framework. I was nearly pounded the life out of quite a long while prior and I recollect when I went to open a case the cop advised me to return and iron issues with my then beau,” she said.

“It was tragic to such an extent that when your significant other passes on, in our nation, s a lady, you are consistently the main suspect”.

“As a family we re not certain how sheltered we are. Right up ’til the present time I am as yet astounded that the police have neglected to capture the speculates when there were fingerprints and one of the gatecrashers had left his cap, This is solid proof that would have driven the police to follow the guilty parties,” she said.

Meyiwa’s more seasoned sibling, Sfiso disclosed to Citypress that he was moved by Kelly khumalo’s meeting. ” I presently see Kelly’s agony and we will put forth a valiant effort to connect with her once more”. He said the explanation they didn’t acknowledge Kelly at the time was on the grounds that Senzo was as still wedded to Mandisa [Mkhize].

“As a family we are eager to connect with Kelly again and pay for the harms and furthermore make the wisest decision for Thingo. After the sum total of what she has Senzo’s blood,” He said.

“At the point when individuals acknowledged Kelly was not welcome in the family, they exploited that and began tearing down her, Now as the more established sibling, it is my duty to make the right decision for Thingo.

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