Kea’s gateway to the good life Comes At a Price: Will She Do what it takes?

Kea’s gateway to the good life Comes At a Price: Will She Do what it takes?

Kea’s gateway to the good life Comes At a Price: Will She Do what it takes?

We as a whole love to see characters depict dream, rich ways of life before our eyes. We additionally celebrate when poverty stricken characters get redesigned in light of the fact that, sooner or later, we’ve envisioned about what it may resemble, to be super-rich.

The Khuse family have consistently lived pay-registration pay-check, once in a while hand-to-mouth yet have such huge numbers of ‘received’ kids living in their yard.

In earlier months, we perceived how Mapule(one of the children living in the Khuse yard) went the extent that offering her body to a friendly benefactor to help the family. She’s returned to her ‘typical school life’ however there’s another character who’s been connecting with rich characters; Kea.

Kea has been companions with Khulekani’s little girl; Zinhle, who originates from a rich and perilous family. At the point when Kea didn’t respond her affections for Zinhle, she attempted to end it all. Like her dad, Zinhle is gay.

Khulekani and his significant other have just lost a kid toward the start of the year. They will effectively keep Zinhle upbeat and alive, they’ll even go similarly as paying off somebody to remain in their girl’s life.

Khulekani accepts everybody has a cost and that is the way he’s escaped tight spots, by settling everything with cash. That is the thing that his little girl has gained from him: that she can get anything she needs since she’s rich, she can’t deal with dismissal and this present reality.

Kea will have decisions to make, as Mapula did, she will pick the cash and set up with Zinhle for the Khuse’s prosperity.

Zinhle won’t get some answers concerning her dad’s pay off to her better half, since everybody is worried about her prosperity and her delicacy.

This will be’s out of neediness for an amazing remainder. She will be clashed on the grounds that she needs to be lighthearted and carry on with a fair life. She recognizes the influence of cash, associations and how this choice could affect her life until the end of time.

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