Katlego Danke speaks out on new role on Gomora as Isidingo cancellation shook Mzantsi

Katlego Danke speaks out on new role on Gomora as Isidingo cancellation shook Mzantsi

Katlego Danke, Image: Instagram
Veteran actress Katlego Danke might not be seen anymore on “Isidingo” because it was cancelled by the SABC, but the star has gone from one set to the next.

Danke will star in Mzansi Magic’s newest prime time telenovela, “Gomora’.
She plays the role of Thathi, a trophy wife whose life takes an unexpected turn. Also leading in this production are industry heavyweights like Connie Chiume, Themba Ndaba, Thembi Seete and Zolisa Xaluva among many others.

Mzansi Magic describes “Gomora”, as a show that explores the disparity between lower and upper-class members of our country. With the contrast between the two worlds brought to life through one of the most innovative filming styles.
On her involvement, Danke said: “I was contacted by my agent to go through for an audition. I was then asked to go for a call back and for chemistry tests and the rest as they say, is history”.

The star said that what attracted her to the script was the gritty nature of it and that it’s telling a story that hasn’t been as yet told- the contrast between the rich and poor but living right alongside each other. And the story of this woman whose journey is told in living colour.

Describing her character, the former Backstage and Generations star said that Thathi is a girl who is spoilt and self entitled. The typical trophy wife.

“She grew up under hardship in the township but then found the man of her dreams who gave her the high life. She is a bit mercurial and can switch on people in a heartbeat.

“But when she loves she really loves hard. She’s feisty and has a sharp tongue at times but is also has quite an endearing and lovable nature that we can relate to”.

Explaining what she loves about Thathi, Danke said; “I love that she fights hard in life and is a survivor. She has a never say die quality about her that I really admire.

“She jumps headfirst into most things and she’s ready to defend herself. She’s also very strong when she needs to be and can stand up for herself”.

When asked how transitioning from playing Kgothalo on Isidingo to Thathi was, she said; “I had to literally let go of Kgothalo completely, release her and start by getting to know who Thathi is.
“I had to find what makes Thathi tick and find her essence to create her canvas. I had to work hard in finding who she is quickly in order that the scenes I perform make sense for who she is”.

“Whenever I hear someone tell me that that what I performed in a story is their real life reflected back to them or that they have learnt something from either how my character handled something or the consequences of her decisions and actions, I feel a deep sense of fulfillment. It’s not just entertainment after all it’s life and we learn everyday”.

“Gomora” airs from 30 March at 19:30, Mondays to Fridays on DStv’s Mzansi Magic (Channel 161).

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