Julius Malema’s R28,000 shoes and R300,000 outfit at Durban July break the internet (SEE PICS)

Julius Malema’s R28,000 shoes and R300,000 outfit at Durban July break the internet (SEE PICS)

Julius Malema's R28,000 shoes and R300,000 outfit at Durban July break the internet (SEE PICS)

Durban, South Africa – The Hollywoodbets Durban July, South Africa’s premier horse racing event, is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, extravagant fashion, and the sheer spectacle of it all. This year, however, the event was overshadowed by a different kind of spectacle – the R28,000 shoes worn by none other than EFF leader Julius Malema.

Malema, known for his fiery rhetoric and unwavering commitment to economic justice, attended the event with his wife, Mantwa Matlala, both dressed to impress. Matlala, a vision in a sequined blue gown, embodied the “Ride the Wave” theme, while her husband opted for a classic tuxedo with a bow tie.

But it was Malema’s footwear that truly caught the eye – a pair of Christian Louboutin-Corteo on Spikes Oxfords, retailing for a staggering R27,975.62 on the official Louboutin website. While Malema is no stranger to dapper attire at high-profile events, his expensive shoe choice sparked a heated debate on social media.

Some users questioned the appropriateness of such an expensive purchase, especially given Malema’s political stance and his claims to represent the plight of the poor.

“@my1centsworth” tweeted, “Enjoying the spoils of looting spree, in his R28 000 shoes? @EFFSouthAfrica will no doubt protect their leaders spending habits, he like all other politicians didn’t get into politics to be poor.”

Another user, “@rayleon123,” echoed this sentiment, saying, “Yeah, thanks, but no thanks!! With all that bling they are wearing, purchased with money extorted from his starving, unemployed, and sick supporters! It’s outrageous!”

However, others defended Malema’s choice, arguing that he was attending a social event, not a political rally.

“@brackytiyo3” countered, “People need to be reasonable, this man was not at work, he attended Durban July with his wife. He couldn’t dress up in overalls like he was at work and he is saving a lot during the year whilst wearing them that is the reason he can afford most of the so-called expensive clothes.”

The debate highlights a complex issue in South Africa – the perception of wealth and privilege amongst politicians, especially those who claim to represent the working class. While some see Malema’s expensive shoes as a sign of hypocrisy, others argue that his fashion choices are a matter of personal preference and should not be subject to scrutiny.

“It’s a fine line,” says political analyst, Professor Thabo Mbeki, “Politicians are often judged by their actions, but also by their appearance. Malema’s choice of footwear has sparked a conversation about the role of image in politics, and how it can be used to both attract and alienate voters.”

The debate surrounding Malema’s shoes is a microcosm of the larger societal debate about wealth inequality in South Africa. While the country boasts a vibrant and growing middle class, millions of citizens still struggle with poverty, unemployment, and lack of access to basic services.

This stark reality makes it difficult for some to reconcile Malema’s expensive footwear with his political message of economic liberation. It raises questions about the extent to which politicians are accountable for their spending habits, and whether they should be held to a higher standard when it comes to their personal choices.

The Durban July, a celebration of fashion and social glamour, has inadvertently become a platform for a deeper conversation about social justice and the role of wealth in South African society. As the dust settles on the event, the debate surrounding Malema’s shoes will likely continue, serving as a reminder of the complex and often contradictory realities of life in a country grappling with inequality and the pursuit of a more equitable future.

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