Julius Malema: Even Jacob Zuma wouldn’t do what Ramaphosa did with Phala Phala tsotsis

Julius Malema: Even Jacob Zuma wouldn’t do what Ramaphosa did with Phala Phala tsotsis

Julius Malema: Even Jacob Zuma wouldn’t do what Ramaphosa did with Phala Phala tsotsis

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has questioned the decision of those who are thinking of electing a party that seeks to give President Cyril Ramaphosa a second term.

Malema was addressing the EFF provincial people’s assembly in Mpumalanga on Sunday. He said everything was going wrong in the province whose economy could thrive on tourism alone, yet no one cared enough to make it work.

“When they speak of potholes, Mpumalanga is the first province that comes to mind because of corruption in the province and because politicians don’t care about the people.

“There is no longer public health in Mpumalanga. Hospitals of Mpumalanga have actually become mortuaries, instead of becoming places where we heal people and re-integrate them back into society,” said Malema.

“How terrible can ANC be if the Bantustans actually built universities? They don’t know what it feels like to dig a foundation of a university because they inherited them from the apartheid government.”

The president appeared to be at the top of Malema’s mind, as the EFF leader once again raised questions about the Phala Phala farm scandal, allegedly involving millions of US Dollars.

“Nobody in his good state of mind can even think of electing Ramaphosa for a second term. He has done nothing right since he became president,” said Malema.

“Corruption is so high people are tired of banking their money in the bank, but save it in the mattress. When they find out other tsotsis stole from them, they don’t go to the police but go to other tsotsis to go after the tsotsis who stole from them. This is how gangsters work and this is what we saw there.” Julius Malema
“Even Zuma himself, the man we thought was worse, would never take police to go after people who stole his goats or cattle. How do you have such a person in the highest office? Our call for Ramaphosa to go is based on what is expected morally and ethically of a president.

“What if that money was found in Malema’s mattress? What would have happened? Why is it not happening to him? We are all equal before the law.”

Malema further called on fighters to build the EFF in preparation of the ANC’s imminent death.

“Whether there is EFF or not, ANC is bound to die a natural death. History has taught us liberation movements have a life span of 30 years, so you don’t have to kill the ANC, it will eat itself to death,” he said.

Farmgate scandal

Ramaphosa has increasingly come under public pressure to come clean on the robbery at his Phala Phala farm that took place in February 2020, after former spy boss Arthur Fraser laid a criminal complaint against him in June of money laundering, kidnapping, and corruption.

Fraser alleged that the president was involved in an elaborate cover-up of the crime after criminals – allegedly working in cahoots with his domestic worker – broke into his property and stole millions of US dollars in cash.

He further claimed that the suspects were subsequently kidnapped, interrogated, and bribed to keep quiet.

While Ramaphosa said he would cooperate with investigations, he denied any criminality on his part and maintained that the crime was reported to the Presidential Protection Unit.

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