Jub Jub sued for R800 000

Jub Jub sued for R800 000

Jub Jub sued for R800 000

Keabetswe Mokoena, an event organizer is reportedly suing her business partner and Uyajola 99 host Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye after he allegedly cost her more than R800 000 for a botched arts festival in the Northwest province.

The event organizer Keabetswe Mokoena, who is accusing the Uyajola 99 host Jub Jub of costing her over R800 000 for the botched festival also served Maarohanye with protection after he reportedly swore at her, called her names, and threatened her livelihood.

City Press reveals that the businessperson has instructed her lawyers Monyai Tshilidzi Attorneys to serve him with a letter of demand accompanying the protection order. She claims the media personality insulted her in WhatsApp text messages by calling her a bitch and threatening her life.

“Stop sending our client messages on WhatsApp telling her that she does not know people and that you will show her who you are … Our client has informed us that she is scared because of messages of threats and intimidation that you keep sending her, threatening her life.”

“[Stop] hurling insults at our client by calling her a ‘bitch’ and insulting her [by referring to] her mother’s private parts in a WhatsApp group … [Stop] sending her voice notes on WhatsApp threatening to kill her and/or disrupt her business.”

It is believed Mokoena and Maarohanye are co-directors of a nonprofit organization called the Raah Foundation, which was meant to host a two-day Moses Kotane Arts Festival at Moruleng Stadium this past weekend.

Musicians Sibongile Mngoma, Stoan Seate, Focalistic, and Amaroto couldn’t perform after the festival got postponed at the eleventh hour because of various issues.

Maarohanye claimed in a statement that he pulled out of the festival because Mokoena wanted to use his name to obtain money from certain individuals and underpay artists.

“When I started the project, my vision was to uplift the arts and mend broken dreams in the community of Moses Kotane, where many young people have lost hope. I thought that collaborating with certain individuals would make that vision tangible, but it certainly didn’t,” he wrote.

“The person who I believed to be my business partner decided to use my name to extort money from key individuals and mislead people with false accusations, bringing my brand into disrepute.”

The event organiser has rubbished the TV host’s claims and approached his employer Moja Love to intervene.

Keabetswe Mokoena told City Press this week that the main problem during the preparations was caused by the rapper Jub Jub Maarohanye, who frustrated the organising team.

The Uyajola 99 host reportedly made the event about himself, changed artists, took money for items that he didn’t deliver, and missed interviews.

“The festival was supposed to boost the economy and tourism, and uplift new talent, particularly in Moses Kotane Local Municipality and Moruleng, but things started going pear-shaped when Jub Jub began bringing new people into the project. He started lying and taking money, but not using it for its intended use.”

“Two weeks ago, he announced that tickets for the festival were free. However, there are departments assisting us in the festival, so one can’t just take abrupt decisions like that by oneself. His behaviour was too much [to cope with], but little did I know that everything would just crumble,” she said.

“On the eve of the event, he made a video in which he swore at the mayor of Moses Kotane.”

Maarohanye reportedly also lied to community members and told telling them that she received R20 million in funding for the festival.

“How? Even government departments don’t give that much money to just one entity. It must be shared among everyone who does business with them. I didn’t get anything from the government,” Mokoena said.

“The community then stopped me from getting into the stadium,” she said. “When they closed the gates, preventing us from entering, I thought that, because I’d been protecting Jub Jub, he’d do the same for me.”

Mokoena said she had spent R800 000 on organizing the event. The money was supposed to be used to pay artists and promoters, as well as obtain marketing material and other items needed for the festival.

“However, only 60% of all these costs were paid. Some of the artists were paid just a portion of their fees.”

“I’ve been receiving calls from many of them with whom I have a relationship, such as Stoan, who said it was alright and that he wouldn’t pursue the matter – but I don’t expect other artists, who could have taken bookings for that busy weekend, to understand. After all, this is business,” she said.

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