Jub Jub Claims The Jaziel Brothers Are Jealous And Bitter Of His Success

Jub Jub Claims The Jaziel Brothers Are Jealous And Bitter Of His Success

Jub Jub Claims The Jaziel Brothers Are Jealous And Bitter Of His Success

Jub Jub sat down with Slikour for his Christmas special of his Slikour On Life radio special. The rapper touched on the many aspects of his life including his son with Kelly Khumalo, the traumatic experience of prison, Uyajola 9/9 and Ndikhokhele remix.

With the success of his remix Ndikhokhele, Jub Jub said he wanted to have fresh and new talent in the song so it can appeal to the newer generation. As the original producers of the song, Jaziel Brothers refused to work on the remix years later because the group and Jub Jub did not see eye to eye.
Jub Jub Claims The Jaziel Brothers Are Jealous And Bitter Of His Success
Despite their fallout, Jub Jub said it would have been great if the duo appeared in the video as cameos but he made it a point that the song would be big with or without their involvement.

“(The song) was number 1 for two weeks it was the most amazing thing. We don’t care about all the other jealousy that is happening on the other side. We know that there are a lot of people that are bitter including the Jaziel Brothers. I’m not scared of anybody and I am not scared of mentioning names. People need to know what we are dealing with, the industry is all fake.”

The rapper said it with his chest that he made the Jaziel Brothers but now they are the ones who refused to work with him. Even though he is bigger than the duo now, he is still humble, but they are not.

“We doing this whether you (Jaziel Brother) like it or not, and I’m doing it with or with you and it will be big with or without you. It’s funny how back then what made the guys big was Ndikhokhele. You feed somebody then they come back and they forget. Jaziel Brothers were never big, they were big because of Ndikhokhele but now we are on the same level and we have been in the game longer than them.”

As a person who was in prison for 4 years Jub Jub still says that the experience was very traumatic for him but he had to survive for his family.
“In prison it’s pretty straight forward there is no grey line about it. If you have money, if you don’t have money, family support or you don’t. If you don’t have money or any family support, you are bound to ask for things in prison. You are bound to want to have have some sort of survival mechanism inside. That is selling whatever is sellable.”

The Ndikhokhele hitmaker said he had to find a way to survive in prison and he saw that selling some of the basic necessities inside the crowded cell was the best way to survive. In a way, he also created jobs for people and also managed to feed others.

“I need to survive, I need my family to see me outside. I need my son to not say my son died in jail, that little man needs me. So let me create some jobs.”

Slikour also tried to steer the conversation in his son’s direction but Jub Jub quickly put some brakes to it saying he does not want to talk about his family especially his son because it is a sensitive topic. The two agreed not to further talk about his son but Slikous mentioned that he wanted to hear Jub Jub’s side of the story so that Kelly Khumalo’s side is not the one people only know.

Jub Jub, as a person who has a bigger role to play in his son’s life said he will not say anything about the issue and will allow Kelly’s version to be the one people know.

Jub Jub is also the host of the country’s most-watched and controversial hit reality show Uyajola 9/9, he admitted that the show does get a little too ‘rowdy’ and his safety is compromised so he has to often wear a bulletproof vest. Even though most people might despise him, he says at the end of the day he is doing God’s work of tackling infidelity in our communities.

Watch the interview below:

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