Jo-Ann Strauss’s talking about how difficult the fourth pregnancy is.

Jo-Ann Strauss’s talking about how difficult the fourth pregnancy is.

While she could also be one among the yummiest mummies in celebville and she’s currently sporting the cutest baby bump, Jo-Ann Strauss has been browsing the foremost because of a rare pregnancy complication. the tv personality recently shared the wonderful news that she was expecting her fourth baby.

Jo-Ann Strauss's talking about how difficult the fourth pregnancy is.
“Thank you for all the type messages and congratulations. Our family is incredibly excited to welcome a replacement member later this year. It’s our little rainbow during this confusing and unsure time. i’m delighted to be sporting my little bump and my kids are constantly stroking my belly and chatting to spread (they have unanimously selected this name).”

In a later post on Instagram, Jo-Ann revealed that this particular pregnancy — though it’s like all the others she’s had — was no enter the park. Jo-Ann revealed that she had a pregnancy complication called hyperemesis .

Jo-Ann Strauss

“I experience extreme ‘morning sickness’ and fatigue throughout my pregnancies. It’s called hyperemesis and that i usually would enter hospital every few weeks or days to be rehydrated and obtain extra vitamins.”

The mommy of three explained that not many of us experience extreme condition but added that she wasn’t offended when people offered homemade remedies to assist her because she understood that it came from an honest place.

“Not many of us experience the condition (fortunately) so when people suggest I just chew on some ginger, I smile politely and say that I’ve consumed my weight in ginger and still vomit … a minimum of 3 times each day .

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