Jacob Zuma won’t go down without a fight…

Jacob Zuma won’t go down without a fight…

Jacob Zuma won’t go down without a fight…

It’s the morning after the day before, and the dust still hasn’t settled in the bitter battle between Raymond Zondo and Jacob Zuma. The DCJ announced on Monday that he’d seek a term of imprisonment for the former president, after he ignored a ConCourt order to attend the State Capture Inquiry. That prompted a furious response from uBaba and his lawyers.

Jacob Zuma unleashes fury on judges, Zondo, Ramaphosa
In a 37-point response issued late last night, Zuma went for the jugular. However, he reserved his most stinging criticism for Cyril Ramaphosa, accusing the current head of state of ‘bribing judges to win ANC elections’. The unverified claims sent shockwaves across social media, but Msholozi wasn’t finished there.

He also addressed his ongoing feud with Mr. Zondo. According to the 78-year-old, both the DCJ and Advocate Paul Pretorius were ‘reading their conclusions from a script’, suggesting they were always planning to refer him to ConCourt.

How long could he face in prison?
If found guilty by judges in the highest court of South Africa, Zuma may spend up to six months in jail – a price he’s willing to pay: JZ has lambasted the allegedly ‘captured’ judiciary, and feels he won’t get a fair trial even if he appeals the case.

“That the Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo could mislead the nation is something that should concern us all. In justifying his position on Monday, he stated that it was my legal team that said I’d come and exercise my right to silence. Those who know the truth know that this reference was made only in an example.”

“His conduct fortifies my resolve and belief that he has always sought to prejudice me. The closing arguments presented on a Monday appeared to be from an already-written script. New allegations were smuggled in, in an attempt to ambush me. He has prejudiced my children and my family, by presenting his own version of events.”

Jacob Zuma

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