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Jackie Ngarande writes a sweet birthday message to her bae


Jackie Ngarande writes a sweet birthday message to her bae. The socialite is one of the many Zim celebrities who don’t want to speak or expose their love life to the media. She has managed to keep her love life under wraps and its very rare when you see or hear her talking about her love life. She only posted the picture of the man who took her heart and we didn’t see him again.

Now it’s his birthday and the socialite/businesswoman had a sweet message for her lover but on the pictures, she decided again to be cryptic. She chose pictures of the couple when they were still kids and its cute in an awesome way. But obviously it’s not much cuter to us especially since we want to know and see the man in her life. Check the picture below and the sweet cute love message she wrote

We conquered.
We grew spiritually.
We became such a formidable team
We remained focused and resolute🙏
We demonstrated what team work can deliver
We learnt a whole lot about us, our strengths, our capabilities,our weaknesses.

Happy birthday babe ❤❤❤
I love you so much

Source – MbareTimes